Ontario Speeding Tickets

Fighting Speeding Tickets in Ontario

Fighting Ontario Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets are written every day, but for government after decades of police enforcement the perceived problem hasn’t changed.

Government needs to look at other ways to control speeding motor vehicles. Continually sending the police to do speed enforcement has not solved this problem.

So why has so little has been done in regards to traffic design, traffic calming and the manufacture of motor vehicles with the ability to travel well in excess of speed limits.

  • Why does the government licence vehicles that can travel over 160km/h?
  • Why don’t all vehicles have speed limiters like large trucks now have?
  • Why are traffic calming initiatives not implemented within subdivisions and around schools and public facilities?

Speed enforcement for the most part is done on clear, straight wide open roadways and not around school zones, parks and residential areas.

Ontario police officers issue thousands of tickets each year, and the government would have you believe that speeding is the #1 factor in road safety.

Although speed is a factor in some accidents, most accidents occur because the driver made a driving error, driving without due care and attention (careless driving), turns made not make in safety or failing to yield situations.

Safe Speeds and Safe Driving

So is speeding causing all of the accidents, or is there a wider problem of driver error and carelessness?

This website is for those who insist on driving safely but were caught driving over the legal limit and given a speeding ticket.

For those who protest that insurance companies can charge exorbitant fees just because of a speeding ticket.

Information you Need on Speeding Tickets

The purpose of this page is provide information.

Any person who is charged with an offence in Canada is permitted to have their day in court, to meet their accuser, and to have a judge make a decision as to guilt or innocence.

If you are considering fighting your speeding ticket we recommend that you seek legal advice that is readily available from the thousands of licensed paralegals in Ontario.

Unfortunately, too many motorists don’t know their rights, and do not understand the insurance implications and penalties of a speeding ticket in Ontario.

OntarioSpeeding.com gives you information on speeding tickets and about fighting speeding tickets in Ontario.

The information provided within this website is the property of OntarioSpeeding.com and is protected by copyright law. Any distribution or reproduction in any way, shape, means or manner is expressly prohibited by law without the the prior written consent of the owner(s) of the copyright. This site is for information only and is not meant to replace qualified legal advice. The application and interpretation of law is constantly changing the writers shall not be held responsible for any information that may be incorrect or out of date. The owners of this website recommend that anyone wishing to fight a speeding ticket in court obtain qualified legal advice before doing so.

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Speeding Tickets - Fighting Ontario Speeding tickets

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