Fighting Speeding Tickets

with OTT Legal Services

OTT Legal has one of the highest success rates for fighting speeding tickets, and we use every legal means to win your ticket.

Speeding tickets are not just a small fines that you can pay and forget about.

Speeding tickets have long term implications to drivers and have;

  • Demerit points
  • Licence suspensions, and
  • Insurance implications
  • Goes on your driving record for 3 years

Fighting Your Speeding Ticket

If you pay any speeding ticket regardless if it has demerit points or not, the speeding ticket goes on your driving record for 3 years.

Speeding tickets can affect your insurance rates, demerit points, and your right to drive in Ontario.

You have to fight any speeding ticket that you receive, and OTT Legal are the experts to help you.

OTT Legal are former traffic police officers and detectives from the Toronto Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police and paralegals, all licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada to fight your speeding ticket.

We have more experience actually writing the speeding tickets and appearing in court than any other traffic ticket company in Ontario.

We offer free consultations to discuss your speeding ticket with one of our licensed paralegals and former police officers, even if you decide not to use our services.

You can call or visit one of our six Ontario offices or just give us a call at 1-888-668-8946.

OTT Legal Services has successfully won thousands of speeding tickets, and we are the best company to win your speeding ticket.

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