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Ontario Speeding Tickets

Ontario Speeding Tickets

Fighting Speeding Tickets in Ontario

Speeding tickets are written every day, but for government after decades of police enforcement, the perceived problem hasn’t changed…

Why has so little been done in regards to traffic design and the licensing of motor vehicles that can travel well in excess of speed limits.

  • Why does the government licence vehicles that can travel over 160km/h?
  • Why don’t all vehicles have speed limiters like large trucks now have?
  • Why are traffic calming initiatives not implemented within subdivisions and around schools and public facilities?
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Speeding Tickets - Fighting Speeding Tickets

OTT Legal got my ticket dropped, saving my insurance.  I didn’t have to appear in court which was a great relief to me, thank you for your services, and if you have a speeding ticket give OTT a call!
Sandy TRichmond Hill, Ontario

Won our case!

We went to OTT Legal, they took care of everything, won our ticket saving all of our points.

Speeding Tickets won ticket

Saved my demerit points

Saved my demerit points, and my insurance. Thanks OTT Legal, friendly service, best price, great results!

Speeding Tickets - Fighting Ontario Speeding tickets

Saved my drivers licence

The traffic ticket was going to suspended my drivers licence. OTT Legal took the case and I saved my licence.