Licence Suspensions

Speeding tickets can have licence suspensions from 30 days to 2 years, with different rules for different classes of licences.

Speeding & Licence Suspensions

While one minor ticket will not suspend most licences, speeding tickets has suspensions under the following circumstances:

  • novice drivers speeding more than 29km/h
  • accumulation of demerit points for any offences
  • driving at high rates of speed

Where any drivers license goes into suspension the insurance rates will be dramatically affected.

Novice and Probationary Drivers

Class G1 and G2 drivers who found guilty of speeding more than 29km/h are suspended for 30 days.

G1 and G2 Drivers are suspended for thirty (30) days for:

Where a subsequent accumulation occurs the suspension increases to six (6) months.

Disputing the conviction, rate of speed and requesting a court date can avoid a licence suspension.

Class G Driver licences

Class G drivers may be suspended through accumulation of demerit points at:

  • 9 demerit points – mandatory driver licence interview
  • 15 demerit points – 30 day suspension

Any drivers licence suspension dramatically affects insurance rates for three (3) years.

Suspensions for all Drivers

Where a driver is caught by police speeding above 50km/h the driver will be facing a licence suspension.

Where caught speeding more than 50km/h, the officer may charge the driver with either:

Speeding more than 50km/h

Where the officer charges the driver with speeding at more than 50km/h the officer will issue the driver a summons to appear in court.

The penalty if convicted is:

  • fine of $12 per kilometer over the limit
  • licence suspension up to 30 days
  • insurance rate increases for 3 years

Stunt Driving

Where the officer charges the driver with stunt driving the officer will issue the driver a summons to appear in court.

The penalty if convicted is:

  • fine between $2,000 and 10,000
  • licence suspension up to 2 years
  • jail up to 6 months
  • dramatically increased insurance rates

the officer may issue the driver a speeding ticket commanding the driver to appear in court before a Justice of the Peace.

Conviction for Stunt Driving

Where the driver is charged with stunt driving there is an immediate seven (7) day Administrative Drivers Licence Suspension.

Upon conviction the driver is liable to:

  • possible licence suspension up to two (2) years for a first offence
  • licence suspension will dramatically affect insurance rates for up to three (3) years.
  • Upon receiving a drivers licence suspension the cost to reinstate the licence is two hundred and eighty one (281) dollars.

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