Fighting New York State Speeding Tickets

New York State and Ontario share speeding ticket information under reciprocal agreements.

New York Speeding Tickets

New York State speeding tickets appear on Ontario drivers records.

New York State Interstate Highway Sign

New York State speeding tickets appear on Ontario drivers records.

Where a driver is convicted in NY State of speeding or any traffic offence, the conviction is forwarded by NY State to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

The MTO puts the NY State speeding ticket on the Ontario driving record, under a reciprocal agreement. The conviction stays on the driving record for 3 years and is available for the insurance to see and base your rates upon.

The ticket will be recorded by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation as an “Out of Province Conviction”.

Any equivalent demerit points including licence suspensions are applied to the licence.

NY State Penalties

New York State tickets have the following penalties:

  • fine assessed by the NY State court
  • demerit points are transferred to Ontario licences
  • possible licence suspensions for high speeds
  • ticket goes on record for 3 years

New York State is a completely different country from Canada.

Although the laws for speeding may be similar, there can be completely different applications of the law and how drivers are treated.

New York State Courts

In Ontario, the traffic court system works relatively the same throughout the province.

In New York State, the traffic courts are may work independently from each other, set their own standards, fines and penalties.

Ontario Penalties

Where an Ontario driver is convicted of a New York State speeding ticket, the ticket comes back to Ontario with the following penalties:

Any conviction for a New York State traffic ticket comes back to your Ontario drivers licence for 3 years from the conviction date, including any demerit points.

The conviction for a a New York State speeding ticket will be listed as an “Out of Province Conviction”.

Fighting NY State Tickets

Different from Ontario, a lawyer must represent a driver in the traffic court.

The New York State lawyer may be able to;

  • drop the speeding ticket to no demerit points
  • change the speeding ticket to a parking fine,
    • which would not appear on a driving record
  • cancel the ticket
    • if the driver takes a New York State online driving course
  • negotiate any acceptable penalty or payment to the court

New York State Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Although Ontario drivers can go to New York State to fight the ticket themselves, drivers may consider to be represented by a New York State lawyer.

The lawyer would know the law, local court system and resolutions, like dropping the speeding ticket to just a fine, non-moving violation, or how to save your demerit points.

The lawyer will know the who, what, where of the traffic court system.

Typical fees to fight a speeding ticket in New York State are between 2 to 5 hundred dollars for most tickets.