Photo Radar – Automated Speed Enforcement

Photo radar speed cameras use a camera to capture images of vehicles travelling in excess of the posted speed limit.

About Photo Radar Cameras

Photo Radar Speeding Ticket

As of 2020 the Ontario government has implemented photo radar cameras.

Many of the speed cameras have been situated in school and community safety zones.

The cameras detect the speed of a moving vehicle using radar, taking a picture when a vehicle is detected speeding.

The cameras work remotely with no police officer or operator.

Speed cameras may also be called Automated Speed Enforcement systems.

How Speed Cameras Work

When vehicle passes a speed camera system and the detects that the vehicle is speeding, a picture of that vehicle is taken.

The speed camera records:

  • speed of the vehicle
  • licence plate, make, and model
  • date and time of the offence
  • direction of travel

Once the information is recorded the phone is viewed by a Provincial Offences Officer.

Once the officer has confirmed that the vehicle was speeding, a ticket is issued.

The tickets are mailed to the registered address of the owner of the vehicle.

Photo Radar Penalties

Photo radar tickets penalties are in the same category as parking tickets, meaning:

The conviction for speeding goes against the vehicle not against the driver.

Insurance Implications

As of 2002 there are no insurance implications for photo radar tickets.

Photo radar tickets do not go the owners driving records or insurance.

Insurance providers are not given access to the municipal information gathered from these traffic tickets.

The reasoning being that the driver is not identified by the camera system.

Photo radar tickets have the same weight as parking tickets which do not affect insurance rates.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay the Ticket

Photo radar tickets are issued to the owner of the motor vehicle.

Where the owner refuses or neglects to pay the fine, the fine is then placed upon the vehicle licence (licence plates).

Upon renewal the owner will subject to a “Plate Denial”.

Plate denial means, that the speeding ticket fee will be added to the plate renewal.

The owner will not be allowed to renew the sticker without paying the fine.

Fighting Photo Radar Tickets

Most legal advocates will advise that there is no merit to fighting a photo radar ticket, because:

As the fine is the only penalty, there is no merit in paying a fee to a paralegal or lawyer to dispute a fine.

Where the fine is excessive, the owner may wish to appear at court and request a reduced fine.

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