G1 Drivers & Speeding

Speeding tickets for G1 Drivers will affect insurance rates. Novice drivers convicted of speeding more than 29km/h receive a 30 day licence suspension.

Penalties for G1 Drivers

The police, nor the courts are required to tell G1 drivers of the hidden penalties for speeding tickets.
Class G1 Novice Drivers
Novice drivers have strict penalties with lower thresholds from class G drivers, including thirty (30) day licence suspensions for:

Where a G1 Driver has their licence suspended, insurance rates will be dramatically affected.

Penalties Per Speed Recorded

Any speeding ticket for more than 29km/h has a licence suspension for G1 Drivers.

Where a G1 Driver is convicted of any traffic ticket the insurance will be dramatically affected for three (3) years.

Insurance Implications

Speeding tickets and licence suspensions can affect your insurance rates.

Where a G1 Driver receives any speeding ticket and a conviction is registered, the conviction on the driving record will affect the insurance rates for at least 3 years.

Where the driver receives a speeding ticket for more than 29km/h and is suspended, the insurance will increase into high risk insurance rates.

The conviction will put two “strikes” against the driver, in that:

The police nor the courts advise G1 drivers that convictions over 29km/h have a licence suspensions.

Upon conviction the Ministry of Transport will send a letter to the registered address advising the Novice driver to surrender their drivers licence at a Service Ontario location.

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Licence Suspensions

Any ticket with four (4) demerit points has a thirty (30) day licence suspension for G2 Drivers.

Where a G1 Driver accumulates 6 demerit points the driver loses their licence for thirty (30) days.

Where the driver loses their licence for an accumulation of demerit points and then subsequently goes over the demerit point limit a second time, the suspension shall be for ninety (90) days.

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